When will killing for sport be ILLEGAL?

  • To Animals, We are Demons

    The perpetrator of cruelty and he who does nothing about it, share the blame - together.

  • Why Do My Idols

    Always FIGHT FOR JUSTICE and speak up for the defenseless? Hitchens, McCartney - and c'mon Bowie!!! I know you have it in you!

  • You Would Think

    That with all the synthetic materials and vegetarian foods going for miles in stores on every corner, we humans wouldn't cook and skin cats and dogs alive, but you would be wrong. One day, we will all admit taking part in an ANIMAL HOLOCAUST.

  • Treating Chimps Like Trash

    Did you know the United States is only 1 of 2 countries that legally allow scientific torture and experimentation on chimpanzees?

  • Human Pigs Shooting Pet Animals for Fun

    The Human Society of the United States Goes Undercover to unmask the pathetic and cruel world of Canned Hunting. These animals ARE SO SWEET and tame!!!! OUTLAW THIS SHAMEFUL act.


God of Wonders

If Jesus Were King

Jesus the King

Almost Heaven


It's True

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A Wise Man

Billy Graham

Happy Pigs

Happy Pigs

Mankind on Trial
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Christians to be
Cruel to Animals
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